Police Intercept DNM Package and Force Suspected Drug Trafficker to Open It

Earlier this year, Croatian police arrested a 22-year-old for buying amphetamine from the darknet and redistributing it in the real world. Investigators discovered purchases from June through September, ranging from 25 grams to 75 grams per package.

The suspect uneventfully sat in police custody, awaiting trial, until October 4. Narcotics Inspectors intercepted a package addressed to the man believed to contain illicit substances. The package was seized and brought before the recipient who was forced to open it, revealing 39.9 grams of amphetamine.

Case investigators were able to link several darknet purchases to the suspect. Between late June and mid-September the man ordered packages containing 25 grams of amphetamine and 50 grams of amphetamine. Police suspected two more amphetamine purchases of 25 grams but were unable to make a definitive connection to the darknet. However, the unexpected package interception connected the man to another buy and completed the case.

The 22-year-old from Sibenik was arrested with 5.2 grams of marijuana on his person and another half-gram on one of his peers. The County Court issued a search warrant for the suspect’s apartment where investigators found 6 grams of marijuana and almost 20 grams of amphetamine. They also found a digital scale with amphetamine residue visible on the surface.

Investigators discovered the man had, on at least seven separate occasions, sold amphetamine to people in the Sibenik area. He similarly purchased drugs on the internet and “forwarded” them to individuals in the area to distribute.

Several of the man’s so-called peers were arrested along with the 22-year-old but few details about them were released.

The Municipal State Attorney’s Office is charging the 22-year-old for the illicit production and trafficking of drugs. Some of his peers are being charged for the distribution of amphetamine but the number of individuals being charged is unknown. The main suspect will likely receive additional charges since prosecutors can now prove he used the postal system to receive drugs, a source said.

Croatian law dictates that drugs alone result in possession charges but anything else, including scales and useage of the postal system, result in more severe charges.

The General Police Directorate reported an increased number of darknet cases with drugs coming through the mail, we wrote in October. This reported increase was noted after several darknet arrests were made within the course of a month. In one, another 22-year-old was arrested for purchasing 116 grams of amphetamine on the DNMs. Prior to that, a 31-year-old was arrested after ordering 130 grams of amphetamine.

Most notably, perhaps, was the arrest of a 26-year-old and a 27-year-old who ordered 57 grams of ecstasy from the darknet. A controlled delivery was conducted and the main suspect was charged with the production and trafficking of drugs.
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