Frankfurt Research: Drugs Seized More Frequently At Post Offices Than At Travelers

Officials at the Frankfurt Airport seized more narcotics coming in by mail to post offices and to residential addresses than at the possession of travelers.

According to the recent study, at Germany’s largest airport, drugs are found more frequently in the post office of the Frankfurt Airport, and more rarely at travelers.

“We have an extreme shift in drug smuggling from travel to mail,” said the head of the Frankfurt office, Albrecht Vieth, on Wednesday in Frankfurt. According to Vieth, a major reason for this is the dark web trade. The head of the Frankfurt office stated that over the hidden part of the internet, small amounts of narcotics are often ordered and shipped. The number of seized drug packages in the at the Frankfurt Airport had increased by 232 percent to 4,515 cases within one year.

According to the report, drugs were found at a total of 4,675 times in the mail, at freights, and at the possession of travelers (an increase of 182 percent). At the same time, the total volume of narcotics fell by 36 percent to 5,296 kilograms. The largest amount of narcotics by the form of substance was khat, from which law enforcement authorities seized 4,827 kilograms. It is followed by amphetamine (156 kilos) and cocaine (97 kilos).

“The Frankfurt airport is a hub for the global drug smuggling,” Vieth said. “Every day 35 so-called high-risk flights on the Rhine-Main landed, in which the customs found a high percentage.”

The Frankfurt Airport reported that 34 drug traffickers were arrested in 2016, including nine so called “sneaks” (or mules), who transported the substances in their bodies. An example of this included a young Colombian, who smuggled a kilogram of cocaine in her breast implants.

“The woman has now been sentenced to two and a half years of imprisonment,” Vieth said about the Columbian woman. “For the drug smuggling, 900 euro had been promised. It was a young Colombian who had two children and was persuaded to do this drug-dealing activity. The fact that a person had filled breast implants with cocaine, we had never had in this form.”

Vieth added that the “employers” of the Columbian woman who stitched her implants and sent the woman into a “massive life danger” remain undetected.

There was also a case where a Dutch woman coming from Argentina tried to smuggle 7,000 ecstasy pills inside her underpants. Authorities reported that the drug mule carried numerous mini bags with the narcotics inside.

“There were more than 7,000 ecstasy tablets in it, so long rods in foil, he had these pants on and the leg wraps, and there were the tablets, which was noticeable because it looked a bit bulky under the clothes. He has been sentenced for two years now,” spokeswoman Isabel Gillmann reported.

The Frankfurt Airport authorities emphasized the dangers of counterfeit drugs coming into the country. According to the officials, the counterfeited substances range from antidepressants to potency pills. The study claimed that fake pills do not only cause economic damage to the affected pharmaceutical companies, but they also cause health problems to the users of the substances.
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