German Grew Mushrooms And Ordered Cannabis From The Dark Web

Law enforcement authorities detained a man from the District of Regen, Germany for ordering equipment used for mushroom growing and cannabis from the dark web, and for cultivating magic mushrooms.

In the middle of October 2016, the customs authorities in Frankfurt intercepted a package containing approximately 90 grams of cannabis addressed to the 22-year-old suspect from the District of Regen. Shortly after the package was seized, the public prosecutor’s office in Deggendorf issued a warrant to search the house of the defendant. When law enforcement authorities searched the home of the 22-year-old, they found 400 grams of magic mushrooms containing psilocybin and small amounts of hashish. The narcotics were confiscated by officials of the Münich Central Office.

According to information provided by the police, two separate investigations were started against the suspect. One was started by the Main Customs Office in Münich, while the other investigation was launched by the Deggendorf criminal police department. The latter is investigating whether the suspect was involved in the violation of the narcotics law. Further proceedings were continued by the Deggendorf criminal police department. When law enforcement authorities interrogated the suspect, he confessed to the charges of cultivation, own consumption, and the resale of magic mushrooms. According to the police, the 22-year-old purchased equipment to grow the hallucinogenic substance from the dark web. Investigators did not provide information on what kind of equipment did the suspect purchase to grow the mushrooms. However, the most popular items to grow hallucinogenic mushrooms are mushroom growing kits, which are sold on both the clearnet (the “normal” part of the internet everyone knows) and on the dark web from 45 euros (approximately 49 US dollars). The investigations showed that the defendant not only cultivated mushrooms for his own personal use, but he also resold the drug to his customers. Law enforcement authorities identified 11 customers of the 22-year-old, they are considering pressing charges against them. It is unclear, however, whether the defendant sold only mushrooms to his customers or he sold cannabis too.

On Wednesday, May 10, law enforcement authorities were ordered by the District Court of Deggendorf to issue house searches against some of the customers of the defendant in the district of Regen. With the aid and the support of staff from the PP Niederbayern, consumer goods, small quantities of marijuana, and a forbidden switchblade was found by investigators in the house of the suspects.

Additionally, the investigations uncovered that most of the customers of the 22-year-old were minors aged between 16 and 17 years. With this fact known, the punishment given to the defendant could be more severe. According to the Narcotics Act in Germany, in cases where suspects sold drugs to minors, they should be sentenced for a minimum of one year in prison. Police information disclosed that after the interrogation of the 22-year-old, law enforcement authorities released the suspect from police custody.

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