Past Customer Of Shiny Flakes Sentenced To Probation

The District Court of Schwabach sentenced a German man to probation and to pay a fine for ordering narcotics from the already convicted vendor Shiny Flakes.

Shiny Flakes, AKA. Maximilian S., was arrested at the end of February 2015 for running a vendor shop selling drugs on both the darknet and on the clearnet (the “normal” part of the internet visible to everyone). The young criminal was arrested with a 51-year-old Bulgarian man, who was his alleged courier at the time while carrying large amounts of narcotics, which were intended for a replenishment. After the suspect was detained, law enforcement authorities were surprised by the amounts of drugs they found in Maximilian S.’s possession. During a police raid, investigators seized 320 kilograms (and later an additional 40 kilograms) of illicit substances, including hash, LSD, cocaine, prescription pills, and MDMA. Police estimated that the darknet vendor sold about 4.1 million euros worth of drugs to his customers, weighing about 914 kilograms of narcotics. In November 2015, after Shiny Flakes pleaded guilty to the charges against him, despite the prosecutor’s request for 8 years and 8 months in prison, the young dealer was sentenced to 6 years and 6 months of imprisonment in a juvenile institution.

When law enforcement authorities searched the house of Maximilian S., they also seized the hard drives and laptops of the criminal. On these devices, they found a list containing the details of his past customers, and the orders they conducted at his vendor shop. German police, in the meantime, have identified many of these people and started investigations against them. One of these is a 28-year-old man from Greding, Germany, who was standing trial on April 26 before the District Court of Schwabach.

“Once and for all,” the defendant said during his trial that he is done with drugs. “It was a great mistake that I regret very much,” he explained to the court. The 28-year-old admitted that he had ordered amphetamine, cocaine and crystal meth for his own use (from Shiny Flakes, as we know from the court documents), but in August 2014. “[It was] the worst time in my life,” he said and claimed that he “pulled the emergency brake” and went to therapy.

Judge Andrea Martin valued this deed of the defendant very highly. Although the accused had ordered everything “clean” and “in no small amount”, he confessed his crimes and “posed himself to his drug addiction, as one cannot better stand”. That is why the 28-year-old was not sentenced to active prison time, since “you have a good grip on yourself,” Judge Martin said. The defendant is still participating in an outpatient care program and goes back to work after a professional break, which he had to take during the withdrawal. The 28-year-old was sentenced to pay 1,800 euros to a drug counseling center, and to one year of probation. Both sides waived their right to appeal, making the punishment immediately valid.

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