German Standing Trial For Planning To Run A Child Prostitution Ring In Thailand

A 23-year-old man was standing trial for serious child abuse-related charges in Reutlingen, Germany.

Since there were multiple serious charges against the accused person, he could only comment on the case on the 11th day of the trial. The 23-year-old was charged with sexual abuse of children and adolescents, spreading of child pornography, as well as the planned establishment of a child prostitution ring by a business partner in Thailand, and the planned kidnapping and rape of a child, including possible “disposal” in Germany.

The 23-year-old was arrested by law enforcement authorities at the end of August, last year. Even after the suspect was placed into custody, the investigation was still running. For instance, investigators were still examining the message and chat history of the defendant.

In August, the Cambodian business partner who had been arrested by the police in Thailand, to whom the 23-year-old also maintained a sexual relationship during his time in the Asian country, asked the “dear friend” urgently for money to settle his debts, the 23-year-old said. The accused person stated that after he heard the man’s request, he had sent the first 600 euros with Western Union after his return to Germany. The defendant claimed that he sent the money for his partner because he liked him. However, in the end, he had been disappointed that this partner “was crazy and only wanted money”. According to the court documents, the Cambodian man had an accident, in which he lost his mobile phone with explicit photos of children. Investigators claimed that those photos were planned to be used for creating the child prostitution ring.

“That does not make any sense,” the judge said. According to the judge, the 23-year-old paid money to the Cambodian, so that he could go to villages in Thailand to look for boys as “sex objects” for their prostitution ring. However, on the other hand, the 23-year-old argued that the Asian man did not ask for money for activities relating to child abuse, “but for his apartment, and I wanted to provide a good environment for him.” The 23-year-old claimed that he was in love with the man, “but I never said I love you”.

In contrast with the accused person’s statement, the investigation connected him to darknet chat rooms in relevant portals. The investigation revealed that the man used “despising” language in the chat rooms, which occasionally made the judge embarrassed. Further examination showed that the F-word meant “meat” or “fresh meat” in the conversation referring to young children. On the websites, the defendant described himself as a “hot, sexy young boy”. The 23-year-old often wrote about the rape of boys, “if I do not, it makes another – and we have only one life,” the defendant wrote on a site.

By the judge’s increasingly clear confrontation, the young man stiffened on his line of defense. He told the court that youth pornography would have fascinated him, but child porn never, “I ignored it”. That was all “fantasy”, one had “wanted to write cool in the chat,” he argued. They had never thought of opening up a “puff” in Thailand, it was all about fantasies, he told the court. The accused emphasized that every conversation he made in the darknet chat room was all about fun and fantasies.

According to the court documents, the 23-year-old allegedly met with two young men in Stuttgart. The prosecution claimed that they met at a place where a “child show” was arranged, and it was a “pure exchange of sexual fantasies”. According to the prosecution, the man wanted sex, even dropped a pill. When the accused was confronted about this, he told the court that he went to the meeting, but nothing happened, he was “tired on the way back home”.

The prosecution also claimed that the 23-year-old once asked a fellow German while he was in Thailand for a “virgin”. “I’m not a pedophile, you’re sick,” the man replied to the defendant. The accused claimed that he was just joking with and “provoking” the man.

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