Trainer Is Banned For Giving Darknet Course to Inmates

The protection against the use of Darknet has called for governments all over the world to rise and use all possible arsenals to halt its activities. Belgium authorities have been very vigilant in Darknet related cases. Some dealers have already been arrested and have been prosecuted according to the Law.

Recently, the Belgium authorities banned a trainer from the Mons Prison. This was done to ensure that the trainer does not provide any Darknet tutorials to the inmates, classified as part of the summer course.

The trainer emphasized on topics such as; Travels, Anonymous internet, and the Darknet. The prison administration confirmed the information released by the CGSP.

According to the report, he was a worker at the Continuing Education Workshop for Prisoners, but due to the inappropriacy of the course, the authorities forbade him from accessing the Mons prison.

Michel Strady, a CGSP worker said to reporters that “This course clearly demonstrated how to navigate the Internet while remaining untraceable.” The side effect of Darknet accessibility has made authorities wish that citizens had no knowledge about its existence. It has created more harm than good.

The GCSP has confirmed to reporters that: “It was a prison officer who realized the content of the training. The summer workshop was immediately stopped and the paper documents were taken away from the prisoners, and we find this problem more incredible that this course was given to presumed terrorists. ”

Authorities believe that the course can create a room for terrorism. Belgium is a victim of a terror attack, and it has been reported that the weapons that were used in the terrorist attack in countries such as Germany are on sale on Darknet.

Authorities believe that allowing the teaching of any course that can potentially lead to another attack is inappropriate. Prevention they say is better than cure.

Belarius was unlike Belgium, as they recently hosted a multi-Agency Darknet Training for their law enforcement. This was supposed to give law enforcers some knowledge about the operation of the Darknet, to aid in raiding the website to arrest criminals.

It is probable that the Belgium authorities would have allowed such courses for the law agencies, instead of prison inmates. They will use it to trade illicit substances instead of using it in a way that will be at peace with the Law.

Kathleen Van De Vijver, the spokesperson for the prison administration said that the suspended trainer is a freelancer who works with the Adeppi Permanent Educational Organization. She narrated to reporters, the circumstances that led to the ban: “Adeppi is organizing four-day summer workshops in prisons.” She continued: “The theme of July 3 in Mons was the trip, but on July 4, the prison administration was informed by an officer that the theme which was actually discussed the day before the course was about traveling, but the theme which was taught had nothing to do with the traveling but with the darknet. It is clear that the trainer did not work in the ethics. Contact was taken with Adeppi and the French Community and measures were immediately put In effect. “

One’s Darknet is allowed to be practiced; it will become an incurable disease which will in the long run fight against the course of the authorities.

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