Dream Vendor “CzechoSlovakFarm” Busted in Slovakia

Trenciansky Police, according to a post on the Slovak Police Force’s Facebook page, caught a 24-year-old marijuana vendor. The suspect, Juraj (equivalent to George in English), had distributed a significant quantity of marijuana through unknown darknet markets. At his house, police found almost 10 kilograms of dried cannabis and 25 seedlings.

After a several month investigation, Slovak authorities traced the darknet venture back to the 24-year-old. More than one news agency reached out to the authorities for further information on the investigation, but they chose not to reveal anything that could have been considered sensitive. They were able to trace Bitcoin payments to the vendor, but without great accuracy. From September 2016 until his arrest, he grew marijuana from the family house in Northwest Trenčín. The police revealed, on Facebook, that he had grown plants from the apartment in South Trenčín from June 2016.

Juraj grew cannabis in both his home and an apartment nearby. According to information gathered by police, the 24-year-old shipped the drug from his house. Through the darknet, police said, Juraj shipped marijuana to Hungary, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. The police knew how he packaged the marijuana in a certain type of envelope and that he shipped the envelopes through branches of Slovak Post.

The vendor, while law enforcement made no official comment, fits the profile for the Dream, Valhalla, and (former) Alphabay vendor known as “CzechoSlovakFarm.” CzechoSlovakFarm sold (seemingly exclusively) various strains of premium marijuana. He shipped it from the same region, according to his vendor profile on Valhalla. He shipped to the countries listed by the police. He wrote that buyers in Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic would receive their packages in 2-5 days. Buyers in Germany, Poland, Spain, Hungary, and the United Kingdom would take as long as seven days.

CzechoSlovakFarm has not been active on his vendor accounts. On Valhalla, his profile says “Last signed in: more than week ago.” Granted, nobody uses Valhalla. His customers, including those that placed orders within days of the arrest, reported that they had not heard anything from the vendor. One user wrote that he had placed an order with CzechoSlovakFarm on Dream Market. The vendor marked the order as accepted on October 10, but had not shipped anything.

Local news sources reported that Juraj, a student, did not “complain about his financial security.” This deduction seemingly came from the value of the marijuana in Juraj’s possession, rather than his previous earnings. They reported that the suspect had grown enough marijuana to total $117,900. This number assumes he sold grams online for close to $12 per gram. That estimate is likely close to accurate, given his 50 gram listings—on Dream Market—break down to roughly $10 per gram. Authorities made no official statement on the vendor’s previous earnings (other than the fact that customers bought marijuana with Bitcoin).

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